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Stay in control
of your brand.

Brandkeeper is the cloud based software solution that lets you take control of brand consistency and store brand assets and guidelines in one central place. Brandkeeper takes your project approval to a new level with only a couple of clicks.

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What is Brandkeeper?

Built with marketing, brand and communication departments in mind.

For all companies, building a successful brand takes years of hard work to establish and even longer to maintain its reputation. Brandkeeper is a simple approval process and control tool that allows your company to maintain brand consistency.

The user friendly platform gives you control of all your outputs from one location and provides access to the latest version of your brand guidelines and assets. Brandkeeper successfully maintains brand standards and acts as your brand guardian with everything you do.

How does it work?

Stay in control with the online approval process.

It’s simple! Brandkeeper gives you complete visibility, control and approval of all brand assets created by your internal teams or external suppliers.


Upload every asset created for approval to ensure it meets your brand rules.


Keep your latest brand assets and guidelines in one central location.


Stay in control of all work you produce, track revisions, updates and add new files.


Ensure complete visibility of everything you produce with brand guardians.

Benefits to you

Documents stored safely in one location

Tracking system for every stage

Human error minimised

Easy access to assets and guidelines

Simple approval and comments system

Brand consistency secured

Online platform

Key decisions centralised

No software to install

Save time, money and strengthen your brand.

Be an Approver.

You, or a member of your team can ensure every document you produce adheres to your brand guidelines.

Be a Keeper.

Store every document you produce safely in the Keeper Library.

Let us be the Brandkeeper.

We can comment, approve and ensure storage of your assets for you.